Gender: Female
Hair Color: Orange
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Ok with Other Cats: Yes
Age: 9 years
Hair Length: Long
Declawed: No
Ok with Dogs: Unsure
Breed: Domestic Longhair
Eye Color: Green
Ok with Children: Unsure
Special Needs: Yes

Lilo gets along with other cats (she generally ignores them).  She loves to play with a plastic ball and will bring it to you to throw for her to “fetch”.  While she doesn’t really like to be held, she is a total lap cat and is most happy just sitting on your lap and purring.  She will sit there until you move her off your legs.  Lilo was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), which means her intestinal track is inflamed.  She will need medication for the rest of her life.  Currently, she is getting Prednisolone (an anti-inflammatory) as well as Leukeran, which is chemodrug, to suppresses the immune system.  The Leukeran can also suppress her bone marrow so she will need her blood work checked periodically for red and white blood cell counts.  She also gets a B12 shot weekly, as well as FortiFlora and Miralax daily.   She is on a raw cat food diet, and sometimes needs an appetite stimulant to encourage her to continue to eat.  We know that this is a difficult cat to rehome, but we are hoping to find an adopter who is familiar with IBD and willing to provide her with the care she needs.   Lilo was tossed out of her original home because the owner did not want to care for her.  We feel she deserves another chance at a loving home, so we are hoping to find an adopter who is familiar with IBD.

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